Astronaut is Adriaan Debergh, creating all kinds of media.
The name astronaut refers to the way I look at any project, contest or skill. I like exploring, learning and developping new skills and techniques. I like doing this by using the skills I already have combined with an eagerness to learn.

With a background in graphic and digital media, architecture visualisation and music, I aim to broaden my horizons in these fields and in science, data and all forms of art.

I love discovering and solving problems.
Doing all this in 4 main subjects:

photography: capturing moments in time and space
storytelling: writing or communicating through media
exploring music: taking people on a journey by making sound and DJing
creative solutions: answering questions using (graphic) design in or out of motion

Always looking for new clients and interesting projects, terrestrial or extra.

That’s enough with the space puns.

Currently based in Bellegem, Belgium, Earth.